New Zealand Student Visa

Visa Requirements

To enter New Zealand you will be required to obtain a visa or permit, these are available through application via Immigration New Zealand also known as the Department of Labour. Immigration New Zealand has branches located all over the world.

Studying in New Zealand as a Visitor

If you are studying a course in New Zealand that goes for a period of 3 months or less then you will not require a student permit. How ever if the course extends this period of time it will be required that the student applies for a student permit.

Going to New Zealand to Study

Unless your home country has an agreement with New Zealand, then international students wishing to study in New Zealand for 3 months or longer full time will need to apply for a student visa as well as a student permit.

Application Requirements

As a visa requirement students will need to be enrolled in an approved course at an accredited institution.

Applications will need:

Your Student Visa application will require students to provide a passport size photograph of themselves, payment of a application fee (this is non refundable), a letter proving an offer at a accredited institute (this letter must include information stating your acceptance, course name, course duration and course fee requirements), proof of payment, an institute representative must provide written guarantee that the student will have accommodation whilst in New Zealand, evidence that the student will be able to support themselves during their stay and a return plane ticket to their home country.

Valid Passport

After a student visa application is approved, it is required that the student has a valid passport which will not expire for up to 3 months after the commencement of their course.

Medical Checks

For those studying courses which run longer then 24 months and medical certificate and x-rays must be provided which are less then 3 months old. Visa requirements also state that a person over the age of 17 must provide a valid police certificate as well.

Screening for Tuberculosis

If a person has never provided a medical screening test to Immigration New Zealand, if they do not have a passport stating they are from a low risk TB country or if they have spent more then 3 months in a country of high risk TB. It is required that the visa applicant be screened for Tuberculosis if they intend to stay in New Zealand for 6 months of longer. These rules do not apply to pregnant women or children aged 12 years or younger.

What you should do

It is important that when submitting your visa application all required documents are included. This includes all x-rays and medical certificates. When submitting the application include a copy of the Temporary Entry X-ray Certificate as well as the Chest X-ray Plate.